Tuesday, September 16, 2014

St. Vincent

Hey Y'all!
Wow this has been a crazy week. I'm gonna try to catch you up with what has happened... So I left the MTC last monday at 4:30 am to head to Trinidad where the mission home is. Everything went really smoothly flying to Trinidad, which our mission president said usually doesn't happen. He said that they try to sometimes deport missionaries or charge them a fee to enter the country but luckily this didn't happen for us! So then we stayed in Trinidad till Wednesdayfor training and I was told I hadn't gotten my VISA to Suriname yet so I was being reassigned to the Island of St. Vincent. I knew nothing about the Island so I was excited to get there and see what it was like. As I was flying in I was so amazed... I am seriously in Paradise! It is gorgeous here. There is turquoise water, and the island is basically all hills. So flying in it looked like beautiful green hills spotted with colored houses. It's pretty amazing. But as soon as I landed here I realized I was no longer in America. It is very different. The airport we flew into was basically one room. It cracked me up. Then I walked outside and met my companions, Sister Shelton and Sister Worthington. They are the best, I love them. I lucked out with 2 awesome trainers. Well Something kinda crazy is that they drive on the other side of the road here. And the roads are so super tiny that 2 cars sometimes can't even pass eachother. One will have to stop and pull over or back up to let the other one through... it's crazy! And my companions informed me I would have to drive a lot this transfer, we have been practicing. Haha it's a little crazy but hey I can do it. It's definitely a 3rd world country here, they only thing that kinda reminds me of America is there is a subway and a KFC. 
So this is an English speaking island so I just practice my Dutch with my companions for an hour in study. I thought maybe it would be kinda fun to start out my mission English speaking and I could work on my teaching. Haha well I can't understand what they people are saying here. It's not english, they talk so funny. I always have to look to my companions for explanation. But I've been able to meet almost all of our investigators and the members of our branch and I so love the people here! Everyone is so friendly and super chill. We stand outside of the house and yell " Hello goodafternoon inside!" And they most of the time who ever is inside will come out side and just talk to you. That makes it super convenient to just casually bring up the gospel. I love it we meet so many amazing people :) It is absolutely gorgeous here and sometimes when we are driving I just stare out the window and I get so happy. I am in the most beautiful place I have ever seen spreading the happiest message. Life is so good and I'm loving it :)
The only thing that is a little scary is there is this sickness going around called Chicken Goonya... apparently it is awful. Literally your body shuts down, you can't even move and everywhere aches. Everyone on the island has it and lots of missionaries have gotten. So fingers crossed that I have a strong immune system. Well I love all of you so much! I'll talk to you next week. 
Liefde, Zuest C
 Companion Sisters

The View from my apartment

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