Monday, April 6, 2015


Happy Easter :) Wow what  a week! I don't have a lot of time to email this week so my letters going to be short, sorry! I'm at a members house right now and they are about to take me and my comp to this really cool place in the city. We got transfer calls and after 6 months here in the tammenga branch I'm being transferred to wannica. It's really bitter sweet! I'm so excited for the new adventure ahead in wannica but I'm going to miss everyone here so much! I've fallen in love with the people here. I love all my investigators and members and I've had a blast serving with them.. It's going to be hard to leave. But I really am excited for all the new adventures that await me. My new companions name is zuster wood. She's awesome. I'm so exited to serve with her :) 

General conference was amazing! Oh boy it really is like the super bowl for us missionaries. I just absolutely love hearing from those amazing and truly inspired men and women. I can't wait to get the ensign with all the talks so I can read them again! Hahah I learned so much. Well I love yall sorry the email was short. But I'm happy and absolutely loving it here in Suriname. Have a great week! Love you :) 
Zuster C

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