Monday, April 13, 2015


It's been such a crazy good week! This was my first week in my new area with my new companion, Zuster Wood. Zuster Wood is amazing! I am so excited for this next transfers I just know God has some miracles in store for us!

So for the past 6 months I have been serving in the same branch in the city. It was really hard to leave all the people there, they had become my family. But I was so excited for the next adventure Heavenly Father had waiting for me. My new area is Wanica and it's out in the country/jungle. It's so different from where I was serving before. There is long dirt roads with fields and jungle on the side. It's such an adventure, I love it :) And we bike so much! haha our area is huge! Oh boy I am getting buff legs! Ha but I love it here. It's crazy how I just feel at home where ever I am. I just know that God has placed me here in this area at this time for a reason. And that there are people in this crazy jungle country that I need to meet and bring the gospel to! Gosh it's seriously the best. I know this is exactly where I'm supposed to be. And I can't wait to give my heart and service to the people here in Wanica. I love them so much already it's crazy. 

We had a good week! The area here is super new to sisters so it's basically like we are starting out with a fresh area. I'm so pumped to go out and find the people God is preparing for us to meet! We don't have too many investigators so we are gonna be hitting the streets this week to find some awesome people ready to accept the gospel. I'm excited, it'll be really fun to go on an adventure through our area. 

I've got a funny story for y'all this week. So in sacrament meeting yesterday I was sitting in between a bunch of little girls. (whats new all girls here are obsessed with my hair) .They were playing with this rose and in the middle was a bud fabric type thing. One of the little girls starts pulling out the fabric in the middle. And it's like a string. All of a sudden one of the little girls holds up this string in front of her and I realized that she's holding up a red lingerie thong!!!!  The girls were just wondering what it was and I was dying laughing. It was so funny. Good times in the Wanica Branch. I love y'all have a good week! 
Met liefde,
Zuster C 

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