Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Evangalie is Waar

I love being on a mission it really is the greatest decision I have ever made. So since I'm a solo sister I have way more freedom then your average missionary. I don't have a companion (still can never be alone tho) so I just hoop around an talk to everyone. I love it! So I have gotten to be really close to all the Elders and Sisters in my zone. They're the greatest I'm so grateful I have been able to meet all of them. But sad story... the danes are all leaving on Monday :( I'm so excited for them but it's gonna be hard to say goodbye. They are all so awesome! Yesterday was one of the sisters birthdays so we tried to make it special by making her a card and some posters. Her mom also sent her a cake! Then last night we all had a "sleepover" in one of the sisters rooms. We shoved a bunch of mattresses in there and used all the beds. It was so fun and felt good to feel kinda like teenage girls again. Haha we did stay up way too late and are totally feeling it today but it was so worth it! And I can take a guilt fee nap today so all is well :) 

So on Sunday my branch president called me to be the new sister training leader. I work with the Zone Leaders to make sure everything is running smooth in the Zone. I'm also in charge of making sure all the sisters are okay and uplifted. Not gonna lie... I was kinda intimidated when he called me. There are other sisters more "experienced" here at the MTC than me and everyone is just so amazing in my zone; I look up to them so much! But I'm really looking at this opportunity as a time to serve and love them. And it's so easy because there are all so great. I don't know how I lucked out, my zone is the bomb! 

I've had such a good week! Said goodbye to Koy on Sunday. That was sad knowing I won't see him for 2 years, but I know he is going to be so great in Mexico! And he was so excited to be leaving the MTC...I'm jealous I've got 3 more weeks here! And he had an awesome companion who promised me he would take care of him :) So last week I mentioned how learning dutch has been way hard and so frustrating... Duh haha. Well this week I made it a goal to just give it my all. In my personal study and in language study. I started to notice as I lost myself in my work things got a little better. I was really able to touch the hearts and help one of my investigators with a problem she had. And I was able to finally get my message across clearly and really help my other investigator feel Gods love for him. And seriously as a missionary when you finally get through to you investigator and touch their hearts there is no better feeling!  So that's what I learned this week. When I give everything to the Lord and work hard he will bless me. And His blessings are the best and totally worth all the time and effort!

Okay so dad asked me what I've learned about "Making a Difference When Sharing the Gospel." Well I heard this quote the other day and loved it! "Teach the gospel and when necessary use words." I love this so much because it is so true! You bare your testimony in so many other ways then just talking about it. Honestly you share your testimony with everything that you do. You can show people your love for the gospel by serving and loving them. By being obedient and working hard. If you are living the gospel people will see something special in you. So if there is one thing I have learned it is that if you are really living and loving the gospel of Jesus Christ then this is when you make a difference. Ik weet dat de Evangalie van Jesus Christus waar is. En dat het zal uw hulp en troost zeganen. In da naam van Jesus Christus Amen. If you wanna know what that means zoek it up ;) 

I love you all so much. I feel so loved, thank you for all the letters and emails! I've got the best family and friends ever! Know I'm thinking and praying for all of you.

Zuester Christiansen
Me & Koy before he left the MTC

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