Wednesday, August 13, 2014


This week I think the Lord was really trying to teach me patients. The first 2 weeks the language was coming so great and everyday I couldn't believe how much I had learned that day. Well I think my brain must've said woah now hold up.... there is no more room in here! Haha gahh it is so frustrating to sit in class and have your teachers try and teach a grammar principle and you literally understand nothing. It's so easy to get frustrated with your self when this happens and believe me sometimes I get mad and think why can't I get this. But I decided yesterday instead of getting mad at myself I'm gonna use those opportunities to push myself and work even harder! So I'll let y'all know how that goes. Another thing I think the Lord is working with me on is patience with people. So for gym you have the option to play volleyball. And I've actually gotten a pretty good team together to play, there are some ballers in my zone. It's awesome! Well yesterday for gym we were playing and it was a good game, then the guy who works at the gym came over and asked if he could play. We said sure... So we were playing and someone tipped a ball so I went for it and "dove" for the ball. Actually I just put one knee to the floor and got the ball up... totally not a dive but the guy who works there was like "Sister why did you do that?" I kinda gave him a weird look and He said NO DIVING! So I apologized saying I didn't know that was a rule and we continued playing. So the game started to getting pretty intense... or as intense as a game can get at the MTC. Then one of the Elders spiked the ball and I had an awesome dive and dug the ball up. So as I'm laying on the ground, not gonna lie I was pretty proud of myself, then "Gym Nazi" comes over and said "Uh you're gonna have to leave the game!" ha never in my life would I think I'd get kicked out of a volleyball game for "Diving" for a ball. So mom and dad I hope you're proud of your missionary daughter who as my Elder say it "Got kicked out for balling to hard" lol. Still makes me laugh thinking about it.... 

One thing I've been reminded of over and over again since I've been here is that God gives us our trials to help us grow and he will never give us something that will completely breaks us. He may push us past what we know to be our limits. But God knows us bettter than we know oursleves and he knows what we can handle. He will mold us into the people he wants us to be. And that version of ourselves is our greatest potential. So why wouldn't we want that for oursleves also? It's becuase this molding process can be really hard at times but if we remember to always ask for God's help, he will be there for us. God is ALWAYS there ready and eager to listen and comfort, something we often forget. So don't be silly and always us the Lord's help because he really is the best! Keep working hard and I promise I will too! I love you all and I think and pray about everyone back home. Y'all are the best!

Zuester Christiansen 

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