Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Find the Tongans

This week has flown by it's crazy! 2 weeks down 5 more to go... 

This has been a really good one. It's insane how much you grow in the MTC. Last Wednesday we got to go to the temple (we go every p-day) and I just love the temple so much. The spirit felt there is amazing. While I was in the session the man reciting the temple prayer said please bless all the missionaries serving around the world. And this amazing feeling just hit me, I felt a wave of comfort come over me. It's crazy to think that in every temple session, in every temple around the world they pray for the missionaries. That's a good feeling to know that I have all those prayers and blessing to back you up when things get hard.

Well so on Thursday I got a note saying to go some shots, so I had to get Hep-A and Tdap. It was fine everything went good but while I was down there a lady stopped me and asked where I got my shirt. I was wearing and AJGA shirt (american junior golf association) and I said it was my brothers and that he was a really good golfer. That actually he had a scholarship to play golf at BYU. Haha well it turns out her son is the BYU golf coach! Cool, huh? So we talked about Austen for a while. I'm so proud of my little brother :) Then the rest of the day went good I taught my last lesson with my investigator Sophie and she told us at the she was actually one of our teachers... Sister Moses! I was so shocked, but relived to know she understood that I had just begun learning dutch. Everyone keeps asking my how my dutch is coming... Well all my teachers speak is dutch with us and we have to try to answer back in dutch or at least with as many dutch words as we know. So I feel like within the past couple days I can finally understand most of what my teachers are saying and I've been working really hard with the language. Basically now I say all my prayers in dutch, I can bare my testimony in dutch, and I can have simple get to know you conversations. So it's coming along :) Some exciting news yesterday I taught my first lesson with out using an exact script in dutch. Instead I really tired to have the spirit lead what I was saying. It was probably one of my favorite moments so far in the MTC. The spirit in the room was so strong and I was saying things I didn't even know very well. Then I bore my testimony that the book of mormon was the word of God and I knew that it would make her happier. And I asked her if she would pray to know what I taught was true and that The book of mormon was the word of God. And she said she would! Gosh it was so cool. It really motivated me to know that when the spirit is there, there is just no denying the truth of the gospel.

Okay something cool that just happened to me about 20 minutes ago while I was waiting to pick up a package. A women asked me to drop off some mail for a missionary and so I said of course I would. She then asked me where I was serving and I told her The West Indies. She looked at me and smiled and said oh there are so many Elders there. And so I told her yes I was one of the first sisters. She smiled and said I was special and she handed me a rolled up piece of paper and said it had the Tongan flag on it with a history of their culture. She told me to read it and find the Tongans while I am in the West Indies. I felt so honored that she thought I was special enough to be given the responsibility to teach her people that she loved so much.

I am so grateful for all the letters everyone is sending me :) I have the best family and so much support, it's awesome! I got my stitches out YAY! They hadn't quite healed all the way so the doctor just put some anesthetic stitches and they should be good to go in a couple days! We get a new district of dutch speaking missionaries going to the Netherlands today and I'm so excited to meet them! I love my zone and district, we have all gotten so close and I'm grateful for all the great examples I have. I love y'all! Hope everything is going fabulous for everyone back home!

 -Zuester Christiansen
Me & a sister with some of the Elders in our district

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