Monday, October 20, 2014

Suriname Bound

What a week! My visa came in so I'm leaving for Suriname on Wednesday! I'm so pumped but I am really going to miss it here on St. Vincent. I've already made life long friends here so it'll be hard to say goodbye. But it's alright because I'll be coming back here just now and I'm definitely up for the adventure in Suriname. I'll be on a bike so I'll let y'all know how riding in a skirt goes!

Haha this week we climbed some pretty steep hills and got absolutely soaked a couple of times... but hey it's building character right? The funny part is everyone here is afraid of the rain. If it starts raining everyone in sight takes off for the nearest dry spot and they won't leave until the rain stops. Haha it's actually quite hilarious! Well me and my comps love the rain! It gets so stinkin hot here so when we stand out in the rain it feels so good. So we continue to walk around even if it's pouring and as we walk by people always yell at us to seek shelter or to hurry inside before you catch a cold! haha they're so ridiculous... We've also had people tell us we're gonna catch cold from the AC in the car.. I love my vincey's! :)

Well this week we met so many amazing people. I really am going to miss it here, all of these people are just so wonderful. But my two fav's were Tanni and Nick. We met Tanni last week and taught her a couple times then found out she had a boyfriend so we asked if we could teach him too.. So he joined us! And oh boy is he awesome! When we met him he wasn't wearing a shirt (guys here never wear shirts) but he had this huge scare all the way down his stomach and he was limping and walking with a cane. So we asked him what happened and he said a month ago, just down the road he got shot 3 times! Twice in the back and once in the foot. And so the huge scar on his stomach is where they went in for surgery to remove the bullets. He told us he is lukcy to be alive and he felt that God spared his life for a reason and that he wants to be a better man. So we started teaching him about the restorations and it was so cool to see how accepting he was. he has so many good questions and most of them were answered with the restoration! This lesson really reminded me why I'm out here on a mission and just how much the Lord's hand really is in the work. I read this scripture the other day and I really liked it. It's D&C 68:5-6 "Behold this is the promise of the Lord unto you... be of good cheer and do not fear, for I the Lord am with you and will stand by you..." This scripture really hit me because since I've been a missionary I have really felt the Lord right there nest to me, helping me along the way. And this scripture is true for everyone. if there is one thing I know for certain, It's that God and Jesus Christ love us so much and they are always right there with us. So be happy! Don't be scared because there is always someone there for you. We are all children of God and every single person is important. So remember how important you are and be happy :) I love y'all so much! Thank you for all the prayers and support. Talk to ya next week! Tot Ziens!
Liefde, Zuster C 

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