Monday, October 27, 2014

Finally in Suriname

Wow this has been a pretty intense week! It was transfer week, so it is always a little crazy! I left St. Vincent on Tuesday afternoon and flew to Trinidad. I was really sad to leave all of the awesome people I had met there. It already felt like home but I was so pumped to be heading to Suriname.So I stayed in Trinidad for a day and went out with the sisters there. It was really fun to be serving in another country for a day and just see how different it was. I contacted this one guy... actually he contacted me. He was sitting in his house and waved for me to come over so I started sharing our message with me. Then when I finished he said he really liked the vibes I was sending him. Hahah he was such a Rasta man. It was really cool to see how even though people and places are so different the gospel is the same and it can touch people in many different ways. So what he wanted to call the Holy Ghost cool vibes, I'll take it. Haha gotta start somewhere :)

Okay so after my adventure in Trinidad I got on a flight to Suriname with 7 other elders and we flew in at 2 AM. I was exhausted but the ZL's drove me to my apartment and I finally got to meet my companion! Her name is sister king and she is awesome! We are already best friends, I am so excited for this transfer :) We are going to work so hard and have so much fun! She is from Alaska, she loves the outdoors,and she is up for any kind of adventure! We're going to have a blast!

Well so the next morning we woke up and our branch was having a sports activity. So I got to meet lots of the members in our branch. They are so awesome, I love them already. And they taught me some Suriname games, haha it was a really fun morning. Then we went back to our apartment and the water wasn't working there so we had to take our showers out of a bucket! Hahah talk about an adventure... we had to fill up 2 big buckets of water and dump it over our heads and call it good. Sister King was telling me they have moved 5 times since she has been here and they are trying to find a new apartment where the water works! Haha I guess that is what happens when you are the first sisters in Suriname. But don't worry we were able to find a new apartment and it is really nice. We actually moved in this morning. So hopefully we won't have any more apartment problems.

I absolutely love it here in Suriname. I just know this is exactly where I am supposed to be. The members are amazing. I bore my testimony yesterday in church (in dutch) and everyone told me they couldn't believe I had just been here for a couple days. That my dutch was really good... I'm not sure if I believe them but it made me feel good :) So just now I'm gonna be fluent! Hahah but everything here is wonderful and I'm ready for all the crazy adventures that I'm sure are just waiting for me. I'm so happy this is going to be my home for the next 15 months. I hope you have all had a wonderful week! Thanks for all the emails and love you send me. I'll talk to you next week

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