Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Fish Eyes

I know I say this all the time... but I love my mission! It's the best. We had a really good week. On Monday the senior couple from Guyana came and they are the sweetest people ever! They are sister and elder Poulson and they spoiled us missionaries so bad :) Last monday we had a sports day so all of us missionaries got together to play volleyball and football (soccer) and jewl (a suriname game thats really fun) We had a blast and it felt so good to play volleyball again. Then after our sports day the Poulson's took us all to get Subway. That is such a treat here. It was delish! Then after Sister Poulson came over to our apartment and cut me and sister kings hair. It was so nice to have another sister to talk to, since we are stuck with only elders here... all the time! She is the nicest lady on planet earth. She was just like our mom making sure everything was okay and we were happy. I'm so grateful for her. Sister King, Sister Poulson and I are all best friends now. 

We worked really hard this week and a couple times we came back to the apartment and our legs were so sore they felt like noodles because we had biked so far. There isn't the insane hills here like in st. vincent but it is so windy! Haha I'm gonna have some seriously toned legs by the end of my mission. Me and Sister King decided that we were going to work really hard, be obedient and give our everything to the Lord but that doesn't mean we can't make our missions fun at the same time. So we make "fun" goals every week, that we do so we won't go completely insane and to have some fun. Our first week we made spaghetti and ate it without plates and then this week we made caramel apples. Since it is still really hot here, we thought caramel apples could put us in the crisp, fall mood. It was so fun and they turned out super delish :) 

Haha funny, random comment I got this week. We started teaching this guy named Marshel. He has so many questions! We have to plan to have lessons with him for almost and hour and a half because he just keeps asking question after question. Anyway so the first time we went over there he asked me and sister king what sports we played. I told him that I played volleyball and he said really... I thought you would be a swimmer. I asked him why he thought that and he said. "You have fish eyes." And I was like ummm... what does that mean. Then he said no you have WET eyes. Haha I still had no idea what he meant by that. Then he said your eyes are the color of the ocean and you look like you spend a lot of time in the water. I finally figured out the thought I was a swimmer because I have blue eyes. Hahah so ridiculous, people in Suriname make the craziest connections. People here are always so amazed by my eyes, I think it's just cuz they don't see very many blonde haired, blued girls running around. I'm constantly so amazed by how much Heavenly Father is here with me. Helping me in my missionary work. That is something that I have been working on, is having more specific prayers and to look for times when Heavenly Father was there helping me. And since I have been doing that I see his hand in almost everything I do. I'm so grateful for him and all of his blessings he gives me. I love the gospel of Jesus Christ and the book of mormon. Living and keeping the commandments and reading the book of mormon everyday has brought me so much happiness. That is where you will find true happiness in this life, through the gospel. I love all of you and I challenge you to do this. To take on the name of Jesus Christ and to follow him. I promise you won't regret it, it'll only bring you happiness. Thank you for all of the love. Till next week :)
Liefde, Zuster C

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