Monday, November 24, 2014

Love my Mission

Holy cow what a week! Sister King and I realized that we could be pushing ourselves a lot harder. So at the beginning of this week we talked about what we can do to really see more growth and changes in Suriname. So we changed all of our goals and made them a lot higher. Haha we might have been a little crazy because some of them were almost doubled of what they had been before but we prayed lots for Heavenly Father's inspiration and we knew that with his help we could accomplish anything. We both told each other we wouldn't be satisfied unless we came home exhausted every night... I worked harder this week than I ever have in my life. We were biking all around Suriname it felt like teaching people, finding more people, every chance we got we shared the gospel. It was so fun! Honestly missionary work is a blast! And it was really cool to see Heavenly Father blessing us as we were giving all of our energy to our work. We received so many blessings this week and were able to meet so many amazing, and super prepared people. When you lean on the Lord for help it's amazing to see how successful you can be. Then yesterday when we were looking at our goals for the week, we were so amazed! We were able to achieve every single one of our goals and even exceed some of them! It was a miracle and my testimony was really strengthened in knowing that when you give everything to the lord and lean on him for help he will provide miracles and help you. The Lord really is in this work and he wants so bad for all of His children to find the truth. If there is one thing I am learning more and more is that I am just an instrument in his hand. And the more diligent and obedient I am the more useful I am. Becuase he can bless me and help me to find those he is preparing. So why wouldn't I want to strive for those things? I want to be able to bring as many people into the truth as possible because it just makes me so happy :) I'm so grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ in my life and all of the wonderful things it has brought me. And I want that same thing for everyone! The gospel is the key, honestly it is the only thing that really matters. I'm so happy I'm a missionary and I have this opportunity to teach people how they can find this happiness, light, and truth for themselves. So if you already have the gospel in your life, don't take advantage of it. Use it, live it and love it. And I promise with my whole heart you will be happier than you ever have been. I love you all so much and I want you to know this and to never forget it. Through the gospel of Jesus Christ we can accomplish anything :)

Real quick a funny story that happened to us yesterday. So we went over to a members sister's house for dinner... She was so nice to have us over and the food was lekker! But the kinda weird thing was that she was not a member...she was hindu! Haha she just really wanted to feed us for some reason. So we were really grateful. But they weren't just kinda hindu, they were REALLY hindu! They had like 10 Hindu flags outside of their house and then inside they had pictures of hindu Gods eveyrwhere. And there was also this little shrine thing in one of the rooms. It was real interesting, Me and sister king kept looking at eachother like where are we. Haha then her husband was watching this weird bollywood film with really weird music and her kids kept walking by and looking like what are this 2 white girls, with Jesus Christ name on their shirts doing here. Haha so funny, it kinda felt like a trip to the twilight zone it was that weird. Hahah definetly a night I won't forget!

It's been a really good week! I hope all of y'all have a wonderful thanksgiving and to remember to thank God for all of the wonderful blessings he has given you. I love you all so much. Talk to you next week! Doei!

Met Liefde, 
Zuster Christiansen 

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