Monday, November 17, 2014

What a Week!!

Wow what a crazy week! I'm writing this email right now soaking wet. Haha it just poured down rain on us as we were headed to come cyber. But my companion Zuster King flew to Trinidad this week for a leadership training, she is going to be the new sister training leader here in Suriname! She's gonna be so awesome :) So I stayed back here with a mini missionary. She is a young girl in our branch who wants to go on a mission. Her name is Zuster Zeeglar, she is 20 and basically all around just a boss. I had so much fun working with her this week and she really helped me with my dutch, she speaks okay english but mainly dutch. So I was able to learn a lot! She is so cool, she is 20 years old and the seminary teacher for our branch... Like I said she is a stud! So along with missionary work this week I got the opportunity to help her teach seminary. It was really fun :)
This week really did push me though, I had to lead out the area and step it up with my dutch. It was fun though, I like to be pushed :) Nothing too crazy happened, we worked really hard and taught lots of lessons. I really had to rely on Heavenly Father's help though, dutch is still really hard sometimes. I try not to get frustrated, but it's just annoying when I know exactly what I want to say to them... in english. Not dutch. I'm learning that Heavenly Father really wants to humble me. Haha so there are good and bad days with the language but i'm still trying really hard!
Okay so today we went to Brownsberg! Brownsberg is about 2 hours from the city out in the middle of the jungle. It was a blast. We went on 2 hikes to these really cool water falls. I sent pictures. Me and Sister King climbed to the top of one of the water falls. It was slightly sketch because it was super slippery but we felt real adventurous :) haha It felt so good to be out there in the middle of nowhere, walking around in a beautiful jungle. I almost couldn't believe it. I love Suriname, it is a hidden wonder.
Well something cool that happened this week. Yesterday a lot of our lessons had fallen through and we still had like an hour until we needed to go back to the apartment so we were riding our bikes around trying to find someone we could teach. So we stopped by 3 different houses of old investigators and no one was home. So we keep riding. Then the strap on the back of my bike fell off that was holding my scriptures and they fell all over the road. So i jumped off my bike to go pick up the books and sister king fixed the strap. While this was happening Zuster King said "I think today is a day Heavenly Father just wants us to endure through." We both laughed then right after she said that a lady walked by so we contacted her and it turns our she is really good friends with a member who just left on a mission to England. So she had heard about the church and she was really interested. She was so nice and took a book of mormon and we scheduled a lesson with her for later this week. It was really cool to see how Heavenly Father had lead us to her. That everything else feel through and no one was home so we could meet this awesome girl! God's hand really is in missionary work and I love moments like that when I can really see him there helping. It's really comforting to know that I'm not doing this alone, I have lots of help!
Well I love y'all and I hope you have a great week!

Met Liefde,
Zuster Christiansen 

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