Monday, November 3, 2014

God Answers Prayers

I hope y'all all had the best Halloween and eat lots of candy for me! They don't celebrate Halloween here so I almost forgot about it. Haha I guess that's what happens as a missionary, you start to forget things. 

Well what a week! I learned how to make roti at a members house and oh my goodness it was heel lekker! We made these tortilla type things and you put this yummy filling inside. It was so good. The food here is really different but for the most part super delish. They do eat chicken feet though... I"m dreading the day when I have to eat that. Haha well we moved into our new apartment this week and the water works and there is no cockroaches. I'm So happy :) No more bucket showers!

Then on saturday we were able to do another mormon helping hands service project. It was a blast, we were walking around raising awareness about chickungunya and different ways to prevent it and what you do if you do get it. It ended up being really big, lots of members came and helped and 2 area 70 came. It was also covered by the local news. We had so much fun and we were able to meet so many awesome people. And hopefully help them so they won't get chickungunya... it's the worst! Everyone who gets it says it's terrible and your whole body is in pain. Something kinda ironic and sad that happened was one of the elders got chickungunya while we were walking around telling ways to prevent it... poor guy!

So we have this investigator named sheriel and she is amazing! We started teaching her right when I got here. And in our first lesson we committed her to a baptismal date. She has come to church the past 3 weeks and her first time at church she started crying because she felt the spirit so strong. She is so accepting to the gospel and just wants to find the truth for her self. Its so amazing to see. But she can hardly read. It's really hard for her to understand the book of mormon because it has such big words. So me and sister king brought her the childrens stories book of mormon and we are helping her practice her reading. This way she will learn all the stories and hopefully that will make reading the book of mormon easier. It was hard at first.. trying to teach someone to read in dutch when I don't even know dutch myself. But in our last lesson with her she was doing so much better and she was smiling and so proud of herself. So we asked her if she had been practicing and she told us that she had been praying to Heavenly Father to help her read. I'm just so amazed with how humble people are and how much faith they have. Sheriel wants so bad to be able to read the book of mormon and she is doing everything she can and is trying her hardest. And it's amazing to see that as she gives all her effort and does her best then asks for help from the Lord. That he is there to make up the difference. That he is there to help her. He loves her so much and wants her to come back home to him. I can see that and it makes me so happy to know Heavenly Father trusts me enough to help guide her on that path that will bring her back home to him. The gospel is true :)
Well I love all of y'all so much :) and remember God loves you too and he is always there for you no matter what! Have a good week and I'll talk to you next week! 
Zuster C

P.S. if you want to send me letters or packages (I would love that hehe) here is my address 
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Stay sweet xoxo

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