Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas & a Baptism

I hope ya'll are having a Vrolijk Kerst (merry Christmas) and are getting excited for Santa to come this week! I just love Christmas and how happy and giving everyone is this time of year :) And I feel so grateful that I get to be out here in Suriname, serving the Lord and sharing the good news and the real reason for this wonderful Christmas season. It's extra special to be a missionary this time of year. I just feel God's love and how pleased he is that we are celebrating the birth of his son!

The Lord has blessed me like crazy this week, I am so grateful :) Sherijl's son, Vaizel, got baptized this week! He is such an awesome kid. He is way cooler than I was as a 12 year old.... I don't know many boys that age who would take the time to meet with 2 weird missionary girls everyday and then actually listen to them and read the book of mormon every night! He is such a stud. And it was so cute to see how happy he and shreijl were when he was baptized. Sherijl bore her testimony to him just before he was baptized. It was such a special moment to see how the gospel has made her so happy and just how happy she was that Vaizel was following her example. I love them both and seeing them both be baptized and trying to follow Jesus makes me so happy! Those are the kind of things that really matter, and that is the best christmas gift I could have ever gotten :)

Also this week we helped a member build his house. It was so fun! Haha we made LOTS of cement and shoveled dirt and did other house building things... Haha it was really fun and on Christmas we are gonna go over there with him to help lay the tile. We also went around caroling and bringing boxes of food to members of the branch. It was so sweet to see how grateful people were. One man started crying when he saw all the food that we brought. It really touched my heart seeing people who had so little yet they were so grateful for the things they did have. Christmas is just the best! :) 

I hope you all remember the reason for the season and go out and serve someone today! And also have a wonderful Christmas with your families! Love y'all 
Vrolijk Kerst

Zuster C

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