Monday, December 15, 2014

Rainy Season

It's been a really good, crazy week! Haha but that's how all weeks are as a missionary I guess. We are now in the rainy season here in Suriname so basically everyday it pours down rain. And since I'm on a bike basically that means I'm soaking wet... all the time. No big deal though me and Zr. King rock the drenched in water look :) haha!

 There is a member in our branch, Patricia, who I absolutely love she comes out teaching with us all the time and she had a car so she would pick us up and take us to lessons. It was the best! Well a couple weeks ago she got into a bad car accident and her car got real mashed up. She doesn't have a car anymore so she is stuck at home all day. And she lives pretty far away so we hadn't seen her in a few weeks. So this week we got the feeling we should take the time to bike over and see her and make sure she knows we love her. So right when we started our long bike ride over to her house it started raining, but not super hard so we thought maybe if we biked super hard we would get there fast enough and beat the rain. Well we had never been to her house before so we were going off the directions the elders gave us... Haha long story short we got lost. So we were biking around in circles and it starts dumping rain. Like a crazy amount of rain! Haha so we call Patricia and find out the Elders gave us the wrong street name and we ended up finding her house. She was so happy we had made the time to come see her. She kept saying "You girls really do love me!" With a big smile on her face. After seeing her reaction nothing else mattered. I didn't care that I was soaking wet and freezing or that my legs were all noodley from biking so hard. Haha all that mattered was that we made her day.

That is what missionary work is all about. It's those random moments were you think of others before yourself. It's when you take the time to make sure people around you are happy and that they know you care about them. Missionary work really isn't hard, anyone can do it! Just love and serve the people around you. Remeber to love and serve as Jesus Christ did. Remember the reason for the season and that with out Jesus Christ love for us and His sacrifice we would have nothing. But that all things are possible through Him :)
I love you all so much and I hope you are having a wonderful christmas season! Thanks for all the love and support! Talk to y'all next week :)
Met Liefde, 
Zuster C
P.S. A member dressed me and Zuster king up in traditional african clothing the other night... super cool right? She made the head things out of napkin clothe things. Then we had a service project out in the country this week and those were a group of kids that came and attacked Zr. King and I. Haha all of them wanted to play with my hair... Whats knew? All the little kids here are obsessed with my hair. Love y'all :)

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