Monday, December 8, 2014

Kinder Dag

Well it was another really good week out here in Suriname with Zuster King. We are working really hard and it's really cool to see how the Lord is blessing us. I just love Suriname so much and all of the people that we are teaching. The lady who was baptized last week, Sherijl, well her son, Faizel, is going to be baptized in 2 weeks. So me and Zuster King are working really hard to get him ready. He is the coolest kid! He is 12 and super smart and really accepting of the gospel. He asks good questions and I can tell the he really wants to find out the truth for himself. I'm just so happy we met them and we are helping to guide their family back to the path of happiness. 

 Oh a cool Holiday that they have here is Kinder Dag (kids day) It's like mother's or fathers day but for kids. Haha it's so awesome. The parents spoil the kids and get them presents.. so basically kids here get 2 Christmas! I think we should start that in the states...  One of the young women in our branch bought me and Zuster king these really cute pearl earrings for kinder dag. It meant so much and made our whole day. The members here really are the best. I feel like they are my second family and they give us so much love. Sometimes I feel like a total goob because I'll just be riding my bike on the side of the road with my super dorky helmeton, just smiling. I am so happy. I have never been so happy in my whole life. I absolutely love being a missionary and the people here that I am serving. It's the best. The gospel just makes me so happy and to see how it can change peoples lives for the better. That is the best feeling. I love it! 

Well that's all I got for y'all today. I hope you have an awesome week and give your families a big hug and tell them you love them. Thanks for all the love. Have the best week! 

Met Liefde
Zuster C

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