Monday, January 19, 2015


I've learned so much since I've been on a mission. I mean I expected before I came that I would learn about the gospel and my testimony would be strengthened and it has so much but I didn't realized I would learn so many other things! Haha everyday is such an adventure and I'm always being pushed outside of my comfort zone so it's kinda cool to think about all the things suriname has taught me. I can fix bike tires and screw on head lights, and pump up my bike tires when they are flat on the side of the road... all in a skirt I might add. That takes skill. I've also become pro at riding my bike with out handle bars. Haha something new me and Zuster king learned the other day was that people like to feed us because they think God will bless them if they do. So sometimes people will have us over and give us a whole bunch of food and make us eat it... Even if I feel like I'm gonna roll over and die because I'm so full. They are so sweet though and just don't want us to starve. I love them! That's something else I've learned, is to really love and serve people. I've given my heart to the people here in Suriname. I love them and hold them close to my heart.I am so grateful Heavenly Father sent me to be with them. They're my family for the next 18 months :)  

It's been such a great week! Heavenly Father really is there and he cares so much and just wants to help us be happy! This past fast Sunday me and Zuster King fasted that we would find someone who would be prepared to be baptized in January. We made it a companionship goal to have a baptism every month that we were together but we didn't have anyone who was ready for the month of January. So we fasted and had the faith that if we were diligent and obedient the Lord would bless us. And he did :) We had a lesson with one of our investigators that we had kinda lost contact with over the Holiday season. We talked about the restoration with her and the spirit was so strong as we were bearing testimony of Jesus Christ and the book of mormon. After that lesson we were able to commit her to a baptismal date for January 31! And she is so excited :) Her name is Shanice and she is 20 and me and Zuster King both know that we were friends with her before this life. And that we had promised each other that we would find her in Suriname and bring her back to the gospel. I love her so much and it's so amazing to see how much the Lord has prepared her for this. 

I am so grateful for the gospel and the light and happiness that it brings into our lives :) I'm so happy that I get to be a missionary and that I can share this happy message with everyone! I hope y'all have a great week! Thanks for all the love! Doei!

Met Liefde, 
Zuster C 

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