Monday, January 26, 2015


Another great week here in Suriname! I know I say this all the time, but I really do just love it here so much. Being a missionary is the best! This week I got to go on exchanges for a day with Zuster Johnson out in Wanica. It was so fun to work in another part of Suriname. Wanica is more out in the country so it was fun to see how different it was. The people there were so nice! I was a little sad to leave but super happy to get back to my peeps in my area :) 

The Lord is really blessing us so much right now! Shanice is still super excited to be baptized on Saturday. She is such a miracle and evidence that the Lord is preparing people to hear the gospel. I feel like teaching her is so easy. She understands so much and then the new things she learns she applies to her life right away. We taught her the importance of keeping the Sabbath day holy and then that next Sunday she told us she switched her work schedule around so that she wouldn't have to work on Sunday's anymore! Yeah... she's awsome :) 

We also have been teaching this old man, Brother Etnel for a little while now. He comes to church every week and loves the book of mormon but he is super addicted to Cigarettes and he's an alcoholic. But he knows that our church is true and that God will bless him and help him if he keeps the commandments. So this week when we saw him he told us he is going to be baptized March 13. He has the faith that God will bless him and give him the strength to over come his addictions by then. He is so awesome. I love him!

Haha really quick funny thing that happened. Zuster King and I were biking down the road and this guy starts yelling at us "Sisters come pray for me. I'm ready to change and follow God. Sisters come pray for me!" Hahah he was saying this as he was waving a beer in his hand. We told him after he stops drinking we will come by and pray for him. Crazy people gotta love them :)

Thank you so much for all the emails and love y'all send me! Means so much. Live and love life to the fullest and remember that God loves you :)
Met liefde, 
Zuster C

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