Monday, January 12, 2015

Series of Unfortunate Events: Suriname

Waah Gwaan Marrry!

Hahah that is what this crazy Jamaican guy we are teaching calls us! He is hilarious, he is teaching us how to speak Jamaican. We are starting a new transfer this week... and me and Zuster King are staying together for another one! I am so happy :) I love her! 

We are starting to get out of that crazy funk of unfortunate events. Zuster King's lice is gone, our bikes are fixed, and my ringworm is getting better! The past couple of weeks were insane but looking back I can see how the Lord really blessed us. I'm so grateful for Him, he really is the best and knows just how to make you feel better. All you have to do is remember to ask him for help :)

Right now we are really focusing on member missionary and working more with the members. So this week we had a lesson with our Recent Converts, Sherijl and her son Vaizel. And we asked Vaizel if he knew anyone who was struggling and needed the gospel that we could teach. And he said YES! (Vaizel is the coolest kid ever!) He said that there was a boy at school who all the other kids picked on. So he is going to invite him to FHE tonight so we can meet him. I just love seeing that light in Vaizel and Sherijl's eyes and how excited they are to share the gospel. They know how happy it has made them and how it has changed their lives and they want to share it with other people. 

I am so grateful for the gospel in my life and that sense of peace and knowledge it brings. I love how the gospel pushes me to be my best self. There is always room for improvement and a way to be better. Through Jesus Christ we can be made perfect and receive eternal happiness how cool is that? I just love it so much :) 

Thank you for all the love and emails y'all send! Have a great week! Tot Ziens :)

Met liefde, 
Zuster C 

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