Monday, February 9, 2015

Birthday in Suriname

Thank you for all the birthday wishes. This was defiantly a birthday I will never forget! Zuster King's birthday was 2 days before mine so we had lots of fun together! The members were so sweet and totally spoiled us. We went over to one of the members houses and they made us dinner and a cake and everything it was so sweet :) Then we went out to help build a member in our branches house. (We've been helping out every week for the past 2 months now) It's so fun! I love going out there! And they were so sweet they also made us dinner and a cake. It was a really good birthday full of service and love... and now I'm 20... so crazy! haha I feel really old. 

This week the Zone leaders came out with us for a day. The day started out very interesting .. haha one of their bikes broke right when the day started so I just let him use mine and Zuster King and I switched off riding on the back of her bike. At one point I left my helmet somewhere and I didn't want to break the rules and fall off my bike and break my head. So i just stuck a book of mormon on top of my head. Haha so we looked real funny riding around with me on the back of Zuster Kings bike... with a Book of Mormon on my head. I think the elders were embarrassed to be seen with us. But Zuster King and I had a good laugh about it. 

This week we started teaching a family and they are so adorable. The mom is a single mom with 3 daughters. She is the sweetest lady and has the best questions! Last time we visited them we walked up and the mom was sitting on the porch reading the book of mormon. We had left her 2 Nephi 2 to read so she had lots of questions about the plan of salvation. It was so fun teaching her about God's amazing plan for us and how she can be with her beautiful daughters forever. She was so happy and really interested to know more. 

Also this week we met with Shanice and shared the Restoration movie with her. She absolutely loved it! We asked her to write her testimony in the front of a book of mormon and give it to a friend. Then give us their number so we could start teaching them. She is so excited to do it. I love her :) Then after our lesson she told us that every time we come she can feel the spirit super strong and it makes her happy. It was so sweet. We also fasted with her this Sunday and she was fasting that she would be able to feel the Holy Ghost stronger in her life. I love that girl so much she is so amazing! 

I'm so grateful for all the experiences I've had on my mission. I've learned so much and I feel the saviors love stronger than I ever have in my whole life. Some days it feels like he is right there beside me. Helping me along the way and guiding me towards those who are ready to accept His gospel. Being a missionary is the best! I love it! Thanks again for all the birthday love. Y'all are the best. Have a great week :)

Love your favorite Zuster Missionary

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