Monday, March 23, 2015

Zuster Walsh Update

It's been a really good week! 
Zuster Walsh update: We went to the doctor earlier this week and spent lots of time at the hospital and they ran a couple blood tests. We are going back today to find the results. But we are pretty positive it is Chickun gun ya and there really is no cure for that. You kinda just have to let it run it's course... and it doesn't go away for like a year. I feel so bad for her but she is so amazing and strong. I've got an awesome companion. 

Good news! We were able to go out and do work this week. It was a kinda crazy week though. President and Sister Mehr came for Zone Conference with Elder Cornish a member of the Area 70. Oh man it was so cool to hear from them. It was a total spiritual rejiv. I learned so much!
We had an awesome lesson with our investigator Brian and his daughter Melissa. We talked to them about the atonement and the fact that Jesus Christ died for us and that through him we can become stronger. Brian has struggled with Drug addiction for most of his life. I told him God can take his addiction away from him, he just needs the faith to pray and ask for help. Then the next time we met with him he said he had a really good prayer with God and we were able to set a baptismal date with him. He still has a long way to go but he has the faith that God is going to help him. It's so awesome to see the atonement working in peoples lives. Love y'all :)

Zuster C 

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