Monday, March 2, 2015

Cabin Fever

Hey y'all! 
It's been a kinda slow week. Zuster Walsh has been super sick so we've been stuck at home basically all week. I feel so bad for her please keep her in your prayers! And meanwhile I've been trying to keep myself busy... I've cleaned and reorganized our apartment close to probably 100 times now, watched all of the random church movies we have (I can almost quote all of the testaments), and I started reading the new testament. I made a goal that I'm going to read it from start to finish all the way through. And yeah basically I'm just trying not to go crazy and help my poor, sick companion feel better!
We did get the chance to go out a couple times this week though and we got to go see one of our less active members Luciel. I love her so much, she is an older lady who lives all by herself so shes pretty lonely. So every time we go over there I make sure we give her lots of love! Well this week when we stopped by she told us of an experience that she had this week. She had to go to the pharmacy to get medicine but she didn't have any money. And just as she was walking down the street a women stopped her and gave her the money she needed to get her medicine. Then after she walked out of the pharmacy with her medicine she saw some money laying on the ground and she was able to use that money to buy bread. She said it was a miracle from God because when she left the house she didn't have a cent in her pocket and she was able to come home with her medicine and food to eat. Her story was so touching, to see how God really is in the details of our lives and he is very much aware of our needs. Now she has that testimony that God really does care about her and she is never alone! it warms my heart and makes me so happy. We do have a heavenly father who loves us :)
Also we are teaching a super cute family right now! I love them so much. And this sunday 3 of the kids came with us to church. They were so cute and so excited the whole time we were there. And absolutely loved it! They can't wait to come back next week, and hopefully there mom will come too! I love them so much. The little girl reminds me a lot of ashlen. We are best friends, she is so adorable.
Well talk to y'all next week :)

Met liefde, 
Zuster C

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